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We value your support not only in the way of your business, but also through the referrals you send our way. The greatest vote of confidence we can be given is when you refer someone to us. We are thankful and fortunate to have such great clients and partners. Here is what some of our clients have to say about us...

There is no way anyone else would have gotten me to this level of coverage, spending this much per year, because I wouldn’t have trusted their intent. I trust Bernie and Warren. Thank you for putting this time in to helping make sure I’ve made the right decisions to protect my family in case anything happens to me, Sabrina, or Lillie. Like all the big outgoing numbers in my life somehow I just forgot about them over time because my focus is on the incoming numbers. It’s happened with our car, house, new employees, vacations, investments in the business, etc. With gratitude.

- Mike

….I also want to thank you for helping put a succession plan in place – or as much of one as you were allowed! The insurance money will provide lots of options for the future – both for myself and the boys – and I am also considering starting a foundation / charity to work in mental health…

- Kate

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