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Benefit Company Legislation in the News

Last Wednesday afternoon, May 15, 2019, just after the Benefit Company legislation passed in the Legislature, I felt a giant sense of elation and relief. Shortly afterwards I got a call from Andrew MacLeod, the Legislative Bureau Chief at one of my favourite publications, The Tyee. He was asking about the legislation and my involvement in […]


British Columbia gets Benefit Company legislation

BC makes history and passes Benefit Company legislation, a first in the Commonwealth to pass such legislation. In October of 2017, while attending our first B Corp Global Champions retreat, I met Jonathan Storper, the lawyer who drafted the California version of Benefit Corporation legislation. He inspired me to want to try and make Benefit […]


You’ve Received an Unsolicited Offer for Your Company — Now What?

Written by Chris Larmer & Brent Cunningham REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION We’re seeing it happen more and more recently, a strategic buyer or a private equity group directly contacts the owner of a business and wants to buy their company. For many business owners, this seems like a dream come true. They think “a company that […]

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