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Why We Don’t Wear Suits

We don’t wear suits at Cove.

Why not? Here are a few reasons…

  • We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment
  • We wish to promote fair wages for factory workers and take a stand against conventional fabric production
  • Dry-cleaning has many negative impacts, which we want to stay away from

So what do we wear at Cove?

We choose to dress in a way that reflects our beliefs. Specifically, our belief that we can have a positive impact, both socially and environmentally and in such a way that reflects how we live in and outside of work. Our aim is to live active, adventurous, and authentic lives.

We dress to reflect these values.

And, yes, we wear jeans.

Fair Trade CertifiedTM

We pay a premium for clothing that is Fair Trade Certified. The extra money goes directly to the workers at the factory, and they decide how to spend it. The program promotes worker health and safety and social and environmental compliance, and it also encourages dialog between workers and management. Fair Trade is one of the tools Patagonia uses to raise workers’ wages, improve their standard of living, and move them closer to earning a living wage.

Patagonia® Denim

The way in which conventional cotton is grown and denim is made is not healthy, but Patagonia® Denim uses only 100% organic cotton grown without GMO seeds, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. An innovative dyeing process enables them to reduce water, energy, and chemical use dramatically and produce less carbon dioxide than conventional synthetic denim dyeing. Learn more about Patagonia®’s Footprint Chronicles here.

At Cove, we remain true to our values, from the way we conduct business to the clothing choices we make.

What you choose to wear is a personal choice, and we don’t knock anyone who opts for a suit. Some of our favourite people wear suits because it makes them feel comfortable. For them, a suit projects their authentic selves.

But at Cove, we’re a bit different and we want to reflect those differences in all aspects of our work culture, not only in the way in which we communicate with clients, but also in how we conduct ourselves—from our meditation room to our office “ uniform.”

Our clients come to us because we are experts in our field and offer solid insurance services—this hasn’t changed since we stopped wearing suits. After all, most of our clients don’t wear suits either.

We literally wear our values to work.

We very well may be the most comfortable advisors out there (we haven’t gotten around to conducting a poll, so the jury’s still out on that one). Clothes should always have more than one purpose, and at Cove, we like to intertwine work and play. You never know when you might need some stretchy jeans for an impromptu hike during the day!

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