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We are Explorers of Human Potential…

Exploring is part of the Right Way PathTM process. It is what excites us. We need to understand what you care about and how you do your best work, so we can provide relevant and meaningful advice. We have developed or discovered tools that provide us and our clients with the greatest possibility of success in planning for continuity and life.

Listed on this page are the tools we use at Cove.

The interview process

What better way to get to know someone than by asking questions? We’re interested in getting to know you and have developed a comprehensive set of questions to challenge you to articulate your thoughts and values. We tackle the really big visionary ideas as well as the important nitty gritty details. These questions are designed to clarify your thinking and desire regarding important issues and, if need be, engage you in conversations with your spouse, business partner(s), and kids to identify common interests and areas of potential conflict.

Facilitated conversations

A common approach to developing a shareholder and buy-sell plan between business partners and shareholders is the facilitated conversation. This is the process of asking questions in a setting with both yourself, one of our Cove advisors, and any important relevant stakeholder. This approach can be extended to conversations about family business succession or wealth continuity. The aim is to have input from stakeholders or interested parties in a controlled and comfortable setting facilitated by one of our team members. We find this approach to be a very positive one that ultimately leads to the best plans and solutions (such as buy sell agreements that are fully implemented as well as the proper funding of those agreements using buy-sell insurance or key person insurance).

Kolbe tools

Cove founder Bernie first came across Kathy Kolbe’s assessment tools in 1995 when he enrolled in the Strategic Coach program with Dan Sullivan. He was struck by how simple, powerful, and positive the Kolbe tools are. He was so inspired that he completed the consulting certification course with Kathy Kolbe in Phoenix, Arizona, in1997. Bernie has been using Kolbe assessments within Cove for over 20 years, and all of the Cove team understands how Kolbe is a positive team-building tool.

The key assessment within the Kolbe tools is the Kolbe A Index, which is designed to measure the cognitive faculty of the mind—the actions you take that result from your natural instincts. The Kolbe A Index is the foundational instrument used in Kolbe reports; all other assessments measure our personality traits or our cognitive abilities. The Kolbe A Index validates our natural talents—our instinctive method of operation (M.O.) that enables us to be productive.

Completing this assessment opens the door to an increased understanding of how we do things: How we gather and share information, how we organize, how we deal with risk, and how we handle space and tangibles. This is particularly valuable in helping people understand one another, using an objective and positive focus for conversations about our differences and similarities. This tool helps bridge gaps in understanding within a family unit or a business organization about how we do things when left to our natural instincts, leading to better productivity and greater fulfillment in tasks performed.

The Kolbe tools enable me to address complex issues within a shareholder group or family unit from a position of sharing everyone’s strengths without issues becoming personal. I am always amazed at how well it works. ~ Bernie Geiss

Because these tools have worked so well for us, we want to share our experiences with others. We are uniquely positioned to lead others in the use of these powerful tools, allowing us to deliver greater value and to help others discover how to adapt these tools to their own life or business. Bernie has introduced Kolbe to hundreds of people over the years, including not only clients, but also friends, business colleagues, psychologists, business coaches, and facilitators.

Learn more about Kolbe here or ask us how Kolbe tools can work for you.

Mindfulness practices

We believe that by being more present and focusing on improving ourselves at the individual level, we develop healthy, positive attitudes and become more effective at our jobs. We can then put our best foot forward at every opportunity and grow personally and professionally in a friendly, supportive environment. By helping ourselves, we help each other, our clients, and our partners. Read more about our mindfulness practice here.

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