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Nikki Downie, Associate Advisor

Nikki Downie Cove Continuity AdvisorsEmail:

Phone: (778) 655-9849



Nikki works as an Associate Advisor at Cove. Nikki developed an interest in insurance sales and service through the co-owners of Cove, Bernie and Christie Geiss, who are Nikki’s parents. Nikki first started at the family enterprise as a Client Services Specialist and through her journey, she discovered her passion for helping people find the right solution to meet their life, critical illness, and disability insurance needs, which has led her to become an Associate Advisor. She brings care, responsibility, and compassion to all of her interactions with her clients.

She’s excited to continue the longevity of the Cove business and build a multi-generational business by being in the NextGen advisor team. She’s also part of Cove’s Women’s Division and aims to bring more female presence in the insurance industry.

Nikki’s unique ability is making people feel comfortable, while learning about what they are looking for, helping them find the way, and sharing the joy that comes from successfully reaching their destination. She applies this unique ability in both her personal and professional life, in her travels, and when she spends time with her friends. She loves adventure and never shirks the opportunity to challenge herself to be her best.


According to Kolbe A Index: You are uniquely able to take on future-oriented challenges. You lead the way to visionary possibilities and create what others said couldn’t be done. You’ll say “Yes” before you even know the end of the question, and then turn it into a productive adventure.