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Cove Honoured as Best for the World, Creating Positive Impact for Employees

A new kind of best.

What if what we think is the best isn’t the best at all? Seriously, what if the things we think are the best for our economy, our environment, our communities and our lives aren’t really the best at all. What if they’re… blah? Or worse, what if they’re downright bad?

Traditionally, being the best in business meant making the most money regardless of the true cost to people and planet. Providing the highest shareholder return was the name of the game. We see this across industries, the best buildings stretched to the heavens but weren’t designed to make people truly comfortable and productive. The best cars had roaring engines but overindulged in gasoline. The best company could rake in profit while leaving devastation. The best, it would seem, is broken.

A growing number of entrepreneurial leaders are redefining what it means to achieve success in business by becoming B Corps. These companies measure their impact – the true cost of our business’ existence – across workers, environment, governance, and community. They exemplify the new paradigm of value and what it means to be the best in business.

60,000 companies have used the B Impact Assessment to measure their impact and 2400 companies have achieved the B Corp certification. That means 60,000 companies have explored their triple-bottom-line value and 2400, such as Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, Natura, and Cove have made the commitment to complete full certification. They have committed to using their business’ as a force for good and changing the very concept of the best.

Each year B Lab, the non-profit that administers the B Impact Assessment, honours certified B Corps’ who are more than the best in the world, they are The Best for the World. These companies must score in the top 10% of any one section of the B Impact Assessment.

In September 2017 Cove was honoured as a ‘Best for the World: Workers’ honoree company. We’re proud to stand among these companies redefining success in business and driving forward the seismic shift in how we think about business and societal value.

The world is changing, and our concept of the best is changing too. The best buildings are alive, providing humans with space designed to help us reach our full potential – while working to achieve a zero-carbon footprint themselves. The best cars quietly inspire us to imagine a fossil-free future – at breakneck speed. The best businesses leave people and planet better then they found it – with every single transaction.

A new kind of best is being defined. In this new paradigm of value; people, planet, and profit are considered with equal weight. Companies are breaking out of the four-quarter cycle and thinking about the creation of value generationally. Consumers want to understand where the things they buy come from, who made them and are those people okay. The new kind of best isn’t about filling the pockets of a few but creating value for the many.

We have come to realize, being the best for the world is what inspires us.

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