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Build and Maintain Happiness Through Self-Sufficiency: Week Four—the Self-Sufficiency Lifestyle

The past month on the blog, I’ve been talking to you about the concept of self-sufficiency (if you are wondering what I am talking about, you can read my intro post here). I’ve covered self-sufficiency in relationships and chatted about how self-sufficiency can ease suffering.

We’re getting very close to my Week 5 post, where I will tell you a step-by-step method to build your self-sufficiency muscles. But first, let’s talk about why this journey is a process…why it isn’t something that can be fixed in an afternoon (or morning, if you are an early bird).

What does being self-sufficient really mean to your lifestyle?

Being self-sufficient means you no longer need to escape your life artificially because your life is really good and always getting better.

Your constant efforts to be self-sufficient will reward you in ways you cannot imagine. Being self-sufficient means making changes to the way we live our lives, but the beauty is that these changes come from an inner inspiration and not from the outside.

Self-sufficiency means not having to alter your state of consciousness for any reason.

It is the realization that your body and mind is your temple and that they should be safeguarded from the harm that is inherent in engaging in practices that alter our state of consciousness. It means eating good food and avoiding poisons that can harm us. It means being ruthless in evaluating those things that we put in our body and not making excuses to indulge in practices that are harmful under the guise of being fun. They are only fun when you see them as the only way to reach a state of happiness.

The clearer we can think at all times, the greater our chances of becoming and staying self-sufficient.

Drinking alters our state of consciousness and relinquishes our ability to see things as they are. It drives our emotions in ways that not only diminish us in our own eyes, but also in the eyes of others. The challenge with this particular vice is that it is a socially accepted activity. It is a way of escaping a current reality and is reinforced through television, movies, and social behaviour.

On the other hand, people frown upon it when it creates havoc. The same people who viewed alcohol as a fun activity see it as a sign of weakness when abuse occurs. This is the reason why all practices in higher thinking encourage people to leave the consciousness-altering habits of the masses alone because they do not help anyone who is serious about finding self-sufficiency.

While you may think you have to sacrifice things in order to achieve self-sufficiency, I promise you that once you experience self-sufficiency, you will not feel like you are sacrificing anything. You’ll celebrate the things you have that bring value to your life and not even miss those things that don’t.

Come back to the blog next week, where I will introduce you to a method of achieving self-sufficiency.

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