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Cove is Business Of The Year Finalist!

Cove Continuity Advisors, Finalist for 2018 Business of the Year

We have exciting news to share! Last week, the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce announced the finalists for their 2018 Business Excellence Awards. Cove Continuity Advisors Inc. was selected as one of three finalists in the  Business of the Year category.

In August, Cove was nominated for the award by a valued client. We received the notification from the Chamber, to our pleasant surprise. We were excited just to be nominated! It validates the spirit of caring and excellence our entire team brings to the office every day.

We completed an extensive nomination application with information about Cove’s track record, mission, milestones, and operations. It was an opportunity for us to remind ourselves about things that we are proud of. (It’s like putting together an obituary before you die to focus on the positive side of life, pardon the grim analogy.) It also gave us an opportunity to recognize each other as members of the Cove team for the unique contribution we all make to our overall success.

The objective, of course, for any award is to win, but we already feel like a winner. I know it may sound trite, but the experience has been incredibly uplifting.

About the Awards

Each year, the North Vancouver Chamber honours outstanding excellence in six categories: Innovation, Sustainability, Service Excellence, Young Entrepreneur, Best Employer, and Business of the Year.

To see a list of all finalists, click here.

As stated on the Chamber website: The Business Excellence Awards (BEA) represents the highest business honour in North Vancouver and the BEA Gala is the business celebration of the year.

Cove Featured in Video

In preparation for the awards gala, which will be held on November 15, the Chamber has enrolled the services of Capilano University Film school, who will send out teams of filmmakers to each finalists’ places of business to create a short film. We look forward to hosting our crew in the coming weeks. We met some of the students, who will be working on our film, at the finalists’ reception, held last week, and we were delighted to get to know these budding young and inspired artists.

The films will be premiered at the gala and no one—including the judges—will see them before that time.

So there are three things to look forward to:

  1. the announcement of the winners (of course),
  2. watching a film production about Cove from other people’s eyes, and
  3. the gala gathering itself, where we’ll have our whole team together to celebrate business excellence (both our own and that of other businesses). I have never been to the event but understand that it is an excellent production (I can’t wait to wear my jeans to a formal event!).

The video production will be available on Vimeo for us to share with you after the gala. We are grateful to have received this opportunity.

I would like to thank our clients for helping to make this award nomination possible. Without you, we wouldn’t be in business. We also thank our partners and collaborating advisors, who make providing our services effective and pleasurable.

Stay tuned!

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