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Generation 3 Comes to Cove

We are excited to officially welcome Nikki to the Cove team! Christie and I are thrilled to have someone from our next generation within the family want to pursue insurance as a career. Knowing Nikki as we do, we are confident she’ll do spectacularly well. She has the potential to not only earn a good living, but to also help many people and their families through the products we sell.

As most people can image, and as many of our clients can attest to, running a family business can be difficult. There are times when personal family dynamics are powerful forces. Christie and I have been working with them for years; we feel that we’ve been able to successfully manage them more easily because we are committed to each other, our business, and our clients and because we have a great team beside us.

With Nikki joining Cove, we wanted to make sure that it would work from a personal dynamics point of view, as well as from a business perspective. To that end, Christie, Warren, and I had many in-depth discussions focused on making sure we were all on the same page and that we would set ourselves and Nikki up for success. It was important for us that Warren, as a co-owner and an importance piece of Cove’s future, feel 100% comfortable with having another family member join the business. After the appropriate due diligence and interview process, he wholeheartedly embraced Nikki coming into Cove.

Nikki has come on board with the understanding that she is part of our Cove team and, as such, understands that she will contribute to the best of her ability for hers and everyone’s success. We believe that our relationship, both at home and at the office, will only get better as a result of this important step. As a full- time employee, her long-term aim is to become an insurance advisor, working face to-face with clients.

Who knows—maybe one of Warren’s daughters will be generation four of our seven-generation aspiration! Only time will tell. Until then, we welcome Nikki to our team and look forward to the journey ahead.

According to Kolbe: You are uniquely able to take on future-oriented challenges. You lead the way to visionary possibilities and create what others said couldn’t be done. You’ll say “Yes” before you even know the end of the question, and then turn it into a productive adventure.

Nikki’s unique ability is making people feel comfortable, while learning about what they are looking for, helping them find the way, and sharing the joy that comes from successfully reaching their destination. She applies this unique ability in both her personal and professional life, in her travels, and when she spends time with her friends. She loves adventure and never shirks the opportunity to challenge herself to be her best.

After attending university, Nikki worked for a large global brand in their local retail store, first as a salesperson, then as operations manager. During her time there, Nikki learned a wide variety of skills related to operating and managing retail stores, including supply chain management and customer service. She was deeply committed to ensuring customers were satisfied, both with the products they purchased and with the service they received in the retail outlets. Nikki also learned to manage team members and gained valuable experience working with the varied personalities that came through their doors.

Nikki first developed an interest in insurance sales and service through her family connection to the co-owners of Cove, who happen to be her parents, but this interest was later cemented through career counselling that matched her skills and personality to working in the insurance industry. At Cove, Nikki serves as an assistant to Cove’s senior underwriting team, and she also provides administrative assistance and customer service to Cove clients.

Her long-term goal is to learn all aspects of the insurance business and eventually work with customers directly, helping them find the right solution to meet their life, critical illness, and disability insurance needs.

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