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Impact 6 Pack Workshops

Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) partners with Cove Continuity Advisors Inc. and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) to help build the new economy.

In partnership with BDC and Cove Continuity Advisors, the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) is proud to present the Impact 6 Pack Fall 2018 program. This program appeals to entrepreneurs and established businesses that know there is success and profit to be found while doing good in the world.

Who Can Benefit from Impact 6 Pack

This is the second time this course if being offered and is designed for mid-stage, small to medium businesses with under $1 million in revenue and who have existing sales and, therefore, room to take a step back, re-frame their perspective, and build a lasting impact strategy that will make a positive contribution to the world around them and to their (triple) bottom line.

It is a great introduction to the emerging world of the impact-based economy, but is not a suitable substitute for the in-depth approach that mature or large companies may require.

Impact 6 Pack will help you build a peer network of mission-driven businesses, create a unique Impact Strategy for your business, and powerfully communicate the positive impact your business is generating.

Course Structure

The eight-week course includes six full-day sessions (held at the Vancouver Economic commission) and two evening socials somewhere in downtown Vancouver.

Participating businesses will craft their impact business model based on the B Corp framework and put strategies into action within a collaborative and supportive cohort. The course is facilitated by Kristy O’Leary, one of the region’s foremost experts on impact planning for businesses and Director of Impact at Cove Continuity Advisors, and is powered by BDC and the Vancouver Economic Commission.

Our focus for the Impact 6 Pack Program is democratizing our impact planning services. Many small companies don’t have the resources to engage Cove to explore becoming B Corp certification or to improve their company’s social and environmental impact. This program makes it possible for those companies to access expertise they otherwise could not afford. From our perspective, it allows us to see new assessment tracks—there are 78 tracks inside the B Corp assessment and many permutations to learn about. This helps us sharpen our skills and bring deeper experience to our immersive clients.

~Kristy O’Leary

Course Registration

Applications for the Impact 6 Pack Program are now being accepted until September 26, and the course kicks off the evening of October 1st. Please note that only eight businesses will be accepted into this cohort. Tuition fee is $850 per business; up to two attendees per business are welcome to attend. Learn more.

To apply, click here.

Dates           October 1–November 27

Includes      6 full day sessions

                     2 evening socials

                     Numerous special guests, including successful businesses and experts

                     One-on-one support from Cove Continuity Advisors and BDC

Location:     Vancouver Economic Commission, 401 W Georgia, 17th floor boardroom

 The Impact 6 Pack program was an extremely valuable experience. Kristy and Meg did an excellent job of breaking down every aspect of the B Corp assessment, while also providing useful resources and templates to use in your own business. Each guest we had the absolute pleasure of listening to was extremely relevant to the topics discussed in the cohort. They provided insight and innovative ideas to work into your own business and were very receptive to open dialogue, even after the program ended. I would highly recommend companies take part in the Impact 6 Pack program if they’re looking to complete the B Corp assessment.

~Spring 2018 Impact 6 Pack Participant

Enroll now or contact Kristy ( [email protected] or (604) 924-9152) for more information.

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