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Let My People Go Surfing: We’re closed August 3rd

I’m a painter, not a writer, but I was asked to write this blog, probably because I believe most firmly in the idea that the more we play, the harder we can work. I’m guessing you’re probably used to hearing the opposite (the harder we work, the more we can play)…well, let me explain.

Here at Cove, we share uplifting and encouraging motivational books and audio talks, applying the shared ideas to our daily lives, both at home and work.

One day, Bernie gave each one of us his favourite book with an excited smile on his face and asked us to read it within ten days so we could discuss it at the office. The title was Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard, rock climber and founder of the global outdoor clothing chain, Patagonia.

After the ten days had passed, we gathered around the large round table in Bernie’s office and shared our perspectives on the book. We gleaned several life-changing insights from that conversation, but for the purposes of this blog, one quote stands out as a focal point.

In the book, Yvon reveals that Patagonia warns their clients “not to expect fast delivery during climbing season.” It’s a corporate policy rooted in the philosophy that the company should strive to stay connected to its North Star, a passion for climbing and the outdoors.

It was evident that Bernie was taken by the totality of this philosophy. He saw the wisdom in maintaining a sense of fun around the office, letting employees dress comfortably at work, and allowing them time to surf, climb, play, or to follow their inspiration during the day…as long as all the work gets done, skillfully. Furthermore, the philosophy prioritizes caring and giving back to the natural environment (see Confessions of a Reluctant Environmentalist).

Patagonia has grown from a tiny garage business to a supersized global success. They promote environmental awareness and give 1% of their revenue to causes that benefit the planet. We whole-heartedly adopted these values—we joined Patagonia as members of 1% for the Planet, we started 1% For People, and we became B-Corp certified. We volunteer in our community and get other companies to join the environmentally conscious movement as well.

You might wonder if Cove is an office where the staff never work, but the opposite is true! Because we are refreshed and energized in all areas of our lives, we are hard-working and dedicated people.

On that note, we’re advising our clients that Cove’s office will be closed Friday, August 3–6.

This is to give our team an extra day off before the long weekend to enjoy the summer, spend more time with their loved ones, and—in my case—take a page out of Chouinard’s book and actually go surfing!

So, if we don’t answer the phones and email on August 3rd, don’t fret. We’re just away, playing, and we’ll be hard at work again soon… as soon as we get the sand out of our swimsuits.

Thanks for reading,

Luciana Alvarez
Executive Assistant and Cove’s Artist-in-Residence

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