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Our journey to change the way we work – how we impact our individual worlds and the greater world around us – led us to discover a movement that is taking hold in business called “impact business”. Impact businesses focus on growing their bottom-line profit by creating greater value socially and environmentally. Often referred to as a “triple bottom line” approach to doing business, success is measured not only by how much profit is produced for shareholders, but also by the positive impact it can have on the lives of its workers, the health of the community in which it operates, and the reduction of harm that it has on our environment.

Cove supports entrepreneurs, business owners, enterprising families, and successful professionals in their exploration of shifting their impact regardless of where they are in the process.

We offer a suite of fully customizable Impact Advisory Services, as well as Impact Training programs for you and your team. Please follow the two links below to how Cove’s services can help your business achieve impact and prosper.

Impact Advisory Services

Impact Training

Send us a message to arrange a complimentary meeting to explore how you can increase the positive impact you and your business is having on your workers, community, and natural world. Our Impact Planning division would be delighted to help you in your exploration of this new world.

Here are some of the great brands we work with:

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