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Impact Advisory Services

We have an extraordinary depth of experience in this field, and we want to help your business invest in its impact. Our Impact Planning division, led by Kristy O’Leary, can help you assess the true value of your business – a value that goes beyond the profit it creates to also include those things that do not fit on a balance sheet, such as community and environmental impact.

Cove’s impact advisory services are designed to support entrepreneurs, business owners, enterprising families, and successful professionals in their exploration of shifting their impact regardless of where they are in the process.

We offer a range of fully customized advisory services designed to maximize your positive impact now and provide thoughtful strategies to improve your impact far out in the future. Ultimately, this creates value for your workers, communities, supply chain, and our natural environment while driving business success and positioning your business as a leader in the new economy.

Project-based Engagements

Bringing together over a decade of experience helping businesses connect with their community, give meaning to their employees, and define strategies to act as stewards of our living world, our Advisory Services are designed to bring your impact vision to life. Wherever you are in your impact journey, we help you understand both the positive impact you are already creating, and how you can continue to grow your impact in the future.

Our process is hands-on and tailored to meet your needs. Paramount to the process is creativity. We believe there is only one rule we must follow as we move through this process: leave it better that we found it. While what that means can vary greatly across organizations, projects may include:

  • Research and insights on specific impact trends for your sector, including: circular economy, zero waste, diversity & inclusion, reconciliation, barriered employment;
  • Understanding how key frameworks – including B Corp, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), carbon accounting, and Project Drawdown – can be leveraged for your business;
  • Design Thinking for Impact;
  • Development of impact reports and impact-driven strategic plans;
  • Going beyond corporate philanthropy to corporate citizenship;
  • Integration of impact in your employee benefits packages;
  • New product/service development;
  • Policy development and implementation;
  • Measuring your impact through data analysis, KPIs, and reporting;
  • Crafting your impact story.

Advisory Projects may be completed stand-alone, or in conjunction with our Impact Training programs. Our all-encompassing goal is to make sure that you are given the resources that set you up for success in creating your positive impact in your business, your communities, and your world.

B Corp Certification Preparation

Patagonia. Ben & Jerry’s. Seventh Generation. Hootsuite. Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. As the most rigorous certification for assessing your global impact, B Corp Certification can be a powerful tool for setting yourself apart from your competition – as a leader in a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

Whether you are looking at the B Corp Impact Assessment for the first time, or seeking to increase your impact for re-certification, Cove has a depth of expertise guiding companies through the B Corp certification process. Our Director of Impact Kristy O’Leary is a designated B Corp Ambassador, and our team has guided dozens of companies through the B Corp Impact Assessment, reflecting all shapes, industries, governance structures and sizes. We are uniquely positioned to guide you through this process, reducing the uncertainty and complexity of driving this process on your own.

We will walk you through the B Corp assessment, measuring current impacts and planning a strategy to increase impact in five areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Supply Chain. We will also explore the concept of Impact Business Models: What is an IBM? Do you have one? How can you develop one? Why does it matter for your bottom line?

The B Corp assessment is a powerful tool to unearth strengths and weaknesses in your organizational impact. As we move through the process, we’ll offer opportunities to respond to your current situation and set you on a path for continuous impact improvement.

Ongoing Impact Advising & Implementation Services

Your impact is your masterful legacy created with intention. Once we understand the impact you are creating now, we can begin modeling your legacy. Our ongoing Impact Advising & Implementation services are ideal for clients who have already completed an Advisory Project or Training Program with our team. Using a retainer-based business model, we bring the insights we have gained into your current operations, to deepen your positive impact across your organization.

We start our implementation services with a series of legacy modeling options created just for you. These options function as an a la carte impact menu, allowing you to decide what options align with your brand, your customers, and your vision. We take your preferred options and create a roadmap for success. Then we work with key stakeholders inside and outside your organization to bring impact options to life. Some examples of this work includes:

• Strategic guidance on prioritizing impact initiatives;
• Engaging customers and suppliers to multiply impact throughout your value chain;
• Research and insights on industry impact trends, key frameworks, and new product/service development;
• Developing a “culture of impact” within your organization;
• Supporting measurement, reporting, and communications of impact activities.

Often, the solutions you decide on will require additional outside expertise – carbon inventories, life cycle assessments, diversity training. When this occurs, we work in partnership with other players in the impact ecosystem to meet your goals as efficiently as possible. We believe that we can do more together than we can do alone and we are proud to work together to solve business challenges with impact.

Executive Continuity Program

In building your impact legacy, leadership is key. Our Executive Continuity Program is built specifically for the leaders of your organization – senior management and the C-suite. We guide you through the themes that matter most to leaders of the new economy, such as:

• Impact Continuity and Legacy Planning;
• Right-Sized Impact;
• Solving Business Challenges through Impact;
• Business Insights for 100-year Companies;
• Creating Momentum for Change;
• Insuring Impact;
• Communicating Impact in your Network.

In our Executive Continuity Program, we draw on the expertise not only of Cove’s Impact Planning Division, but also its Continuity and Family Enterprise services, led by Bernie Geiss. Together we ensure that you receive the skills and understanding you need to lead impact today, and for generations to come.


Send us a message to arrange a complimentary meeting to explore how you can increase the positive impact you and your business is having on your workers, community, and natural world. Our Impact Planning division would be delighted to help you in your exploration of this new world.

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