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As a leader in the insurance industry, Cove has developed a pro-active approach to policy service and management. Our goal is for you to feel fully informed about your insurance, both at the time you purchase your coverage and for years into the future.

Our policy pro-action program provides you with an annual letter for each policy you own, where we remind you why you bought the coverage in the first place and if there are any actions you need to take to keep your policy in good standing.

For policies that have a Refund of Premium feature or a Cash Value, we will keep you updated as to when the refund can be expected. This pro-active approach is one thing we do to make sure that when you think about your insurance, you feel good about your purchase and you are assured that your insurance is in good order.

Once your insurance policy is in place, we will review your expectation with respect to ongoing insurance policy management. This will provide us with directions and provide you with a clear understand of what you can expect. The fees associated with the policy management are dis-closed in the Ongoing Services Agreement which will be authorized by you.

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