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We’re always looking for opportunities to recommend other compassionate businesses, and on this page, we’re offering our clients and visitors some exclusive opportunities to purchase high quality products while supporting environmental and social activism.

We believe that, as a consumer, you have an opportunity to cast your vote with every purchase you make. The retailers on this page are leaders in their respective industries in terms of their messages, their products, and their purpose for being in business.

Along with being a planning and insurance advisory firm, we also support many environmental and social activism initiatives. Below, you’ll find a few companies we support, and every purchase made supports initiatives close to our heart.

LeviT-Shirts are made from 100% organic bamboo and cotton and come in both men’s and women’s sizes and cuts. These super soft T-shirts, available in a variety of natural colours, get softer with age and do not lose their shape over time. These graphic T’s remind you and others to Live Enlightened every day.

Hi, I’m Varty.
My job is to help you remember to live in the present moment. Did you know that the best way to build your muscle to do that is to meditate daily? Think of me every time you put on your Live Enlightened T-shirt. I made it especially soft for you, so I hope you like it.

LeviT-Shirts are produced by ONNO Shirt Company.

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We are proud to recommend Patagonia’s retail website, through which you can purchase Patagonia products and have a special impact. If you use this link to make a purchase, we’ll send 8% of total sales to 1% For the Planet or directly to the causes that are approved by them.

By making a purchase through Patagonia, you not only purchase the world’s best outdoor clothing, but you also get to make a direct financial contribution to activism to save our planet. Not a bad deal!

Patagonia’s Mission:

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Click here to go to Patagonia to donate through our Patagonia Affiliate program.

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I ran across this company’s products while on vacation in the Cook Islands. The fragrance of the soap reminded me of the lemon leaf tea that I drank when I travelled through the South Pacific many years ago. I searched online to find ecostore products and eventually called their headquarters in New Zealand.

Ecostore Lemongrass Soapecostore started as a family business (we love supporting family businesses!), but it wasn’t just one family—a group of families wanted to remove toxic chemicals out of common cleaning products. Their products have a wealth of scientific research and innovation behind them. Under the direction of Sir Ray Avery (2010 New Zealander of the Year), the lead formulator and chemist, each product spends months in development and production, ensuring that the safest health, environmental, and efficacy standards are achieved. 

ecostore successfully combines passion for environmentalism with science to develop safe and effective cleaning products.

They’re proud to be a NZ company, manufacturing in Auckland and creating products that are healthier for people and our environment.

My favourite product, by the way, is their lemongrass bar soap. Try it out, and you will be hooked!

Click here to go to Levity Online, the exclusive provider of ecostore products in Canada.

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