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It has always been a distinct pleasure working with Bernie. He is a broad-minded thinker that pushes his clients outside the lane of conventional thought and offers much appreciated fresh and realistic input for the issues at hand.

- Paul Fast, P.Eng., Struct. Eng., P.E., FIStructE, BK Berlin/Hessen
Co-Founder, Fast & Epp

Bernie and his team are extremely passionate about their work.  Bernie helped my husband and I put together a life insurance package, which we never imagined we would be using in the short term.

Then the unimaginable happened, and my husband passed away suddenly.  Bernie was one of the first people to help.  He ensured that the paperwork was filled out in an efficient and compassionate way.  

You don’t expect to be left as a widow in your early 40s.   I have young children, and with the funds from the life insurance policy, I was able to maintain our lives financially whilst I put the other pieces of our life back together. 

Bernie remained interested in my family’s wellbeing and one of the first things I did was to get a new life insurance policy for myself.

- Catherine Newell
Business Owner

I have known Bernie for over 20 years, and have worked closely with him for the past fourteen and a half years.  Bernie is first of all very client focused, making sure he understands his clients’ objectives, goals and wishes before undertaking his planning review and analysis, ultimately leading to his recommendations. 

Bernie has shown me over these many years that he does an outstanding job with all types of planning situations, and particularly works well in the more complex situations.  Bernie’s ability to think through the complexities and to work effectively and efficiently with a multi-disciplinary group of advisers, allows him to service his clients as well as, or better than, any other adviser with whom I have worked. 

Bernie is not only technically capable to deal with the complex client files, but he also understands that it is essential to engage the clients’ other advisers to make the best use of their knowledge and capabilities. 

- Chris Ireland, CPA, CA, TEP
Senior Vice-President, Planning Services, PPI Financial Group

I have been a client of Bernie and his team for more than for more 20 years and among other things, there is one thing that I have appreciated in working with them. It is that they do what they say they are going to do and the products and services they have provided over those years have worked as promised. I have also found that their entire team always treated me and my family as valued people first and clients second. I highly recommend Cove for anyone who needs insurance or planning services. The scope of their expertise and commitment to service is excellent.

- Dr. Douglas Nielsen
Dentist, Steveston Smiles

Bernie helped me navigate the world of insurance to determine exactly what type of coverage I needed. He listened and provided advice to ensure I am protected should I ever develop an illness or disability.

Throughout the process, the entire staff at Cove was so patient and responsive. I never felt rushed. The process gave me confidence knowing that I have sufficient protection in place and that the coverage can grow as my income changes over time. Subsequently, Cove helped me purchase a life insurance policy as my needs changed further.

Beyond just the pure advice and technical expertise that Cove provided, Bernie also taught me about the benefit and practice of meditation. Since learning the basics of meditation, I find I am able to relax more easily, sleep more soundly, and better focus both professionally and personally.

- Danielle Slavin, CFA

The Cove team have been my trusted advisors for more than 15 years. I share the same values with the good people at Cove and look to them as a partner in the well-being of my family and business.  Its an extra little bonus that I don’t wear suits either!

- Warren Sandes, P.Eng.
President & Partner, Aqua-Solve Services Inc.

I have been a client of Bernie’s since September 2000.  Knowing very little about insurance, Bernie has guided me to a place where I feel comfortable with my insurance coverage and understand what policies are most beneficial to me and my family.  Bernie is extremely personable and friendly and has always promptly answered any questions I had.  I feel confident that Bernie always has my best interests at heart- he can be counted on to look at his clients’ particular situation and guide them to products best suited to them.   I would not hesitate to recommend Bernie Geiss and the whole team at Cove Continuity Advisors to any of my friends and family.   They truly are a group who care not only about their clients but also about the local and global communities.

- Dr. Kara Partovi
West Richmond Dental Center

Sabrina and I appreciated Warren and Bernie spending the time to really get to know us, what matters to us, and what our values are, so they could build use a plan that fits for where we’re at today and what we want to protect for the future. We feel confident that we and our daughter are financially protected in the best possible way, covering contingencies that we hadn’t even considered. We are truly grateful.

- Mike Desjardins

Thanks for sharing this very refreshing values approach to business and working with multiple communities. On my latest visit, I met Kristy and we had a great discussion about the Maritimes and the sea. You guys have an absolutely marvelous crew. I am really pleased that Christie now looks after our family’s insurance needs. I wish more companies would take your approach to both the giving back ideal but also for designing such a positive work environment for all involved.

- Derek Knox
Retired Professor, Business Owner, Entrepreneur

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