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Unifying Purpose

To lead a fundamental shift from Unconscious Entrepreneurialism to Enlightened Continuity.

Unconscious Entrepreneurialism is focused on growing profits and wealth through business and investment for the benefit of a few, with the intention of preserving and transferring that wealth to successor generations to the exclusion of other stakeholders. Its negative impacts include the growth of an isolated system (with internal dysfunction and conflict), while creating an extreme disparity in societal wealth (leading to external dysfunction and conflict) and environmental degradation.

Enlightened Continuity is focused on growing profits and wealth through business and investment for the benefit of all stakeholders, with the intention of preserving that wealth for the benefit of all future generations. Using business and wealth as a force for good creates greater equity and harmony across internal and external systems and has the positive effect of helping solve the social and environmental crises facing humanity.

At its heart, Enlightened Continuity:

  • has a Unifying Purpose based on inclusion
  • does as little harm as possible
  • has a regenerative approach to productivity and methods
  • requires thoughtful and effective planning

Enlightened Continuity is inclusive, inter-generational, and future-oriented, which means its benefits extend beyond the individual to society and the planet.

We help investors, successful professionals, business owners and enterprising families plan for Enlightened Continuity through continuity planning, impact planning, income and asset modelling and insurance analysis and procurement.

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