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Unifying Purpose


To build the best plans, cause the least amount of harm possible, and use business to inspire and implement practices that explores and cultivates human potential for good.


To lead a fundamental shift from Unconscious Entrepreneurialism to Enlightened Continuity.

Unconscious Entrepreneurialism is focused only on building wealth. It is a state of mind that is unaware of the negative impacts that can come from a single-minded focus on wealth creation. The negative side effects of wealth are often only noticed after challenges arise, such as issues of entitlement within the family, breakdowns in communication and relationships, lack of motivation in next-generation members, unbridled consumerism, or worse.

When these side effects arise, entrepreneurs and wealth creators can either choose to ignore these “inevitable consequences of achieving success,” or they can inspire action with urgency to evolve their state into something positive.

Enlightened Continuity comes from anticipating both the positive and negative aspects of wealth. It means appreciating economic success, but that’s not the overarching goal in life. It focuses on value-based legacy building using economic success to support a sense of purpose that is shared by everyone in the family business system. Enlightened Continuity is inclusive, intergenerational, and future-oriented, which means it’s good for society and the planet as well.

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