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Board of Directors

Cove Continuity Advisors Inc. became a registered Benefit Company under British Columbia’s Business Corporations Act, section 51.97 and 257(4) in 2020. The board of directors is committed to working for the benefit of all stakeholders of the company according to the benefit provisions of their amended Articles of Incorporation that state:

12.03   When making decisions regarding the business and affairs of the Company the directors shall act fairly and responsibly, consider the short-term and the long-term interests of the Company including, but not limited to, the Company’s relationship with its shareholders, its impact on employees, suppliers, creditors, and consumers, as well as the government and environment, and the community and society (the “Stakeholders”) in which the Company operates.

Public Benefits

To annually direct a portion of gross sales to sponsorships or donations that support grassroots organizations and other environmental nonprofits to help fight climate change.

To annually direct a portion of gross sales to the support of grassroots organizations, individuals, and nonprofits to help achieve justice, equality, diversity, and inclusion in our local and global community.

In discharging his or her duties, and in determining what is in the best interests of the Company, each director will consider the interests of all of the Stakeholders (defined above) and shall not be required to regard the interests of the Company or any particular Stakeholder as determinative, except as required by law.

Any director is entitled to rely upon the direction set forth above in justifying decisions made regarding the business and affairs of the Company and such reliance shall not be construed as a breach of a director’s fiduciary duty of care.

Nothing in this Article expressed or implied is intended to create or shall create or grant any right or cause of action to or in favour of any person other than a shareholder.



Bernie Geiss Cove Continuity Advisors
Bernie Geiss
Founder, Co-owner, Director
Founded Cove in 1991

Christie Geiss Cove Continuity Advisors
Christie Geiss
Co-owner, Director
With Cove since 1997
Co-owner since 2018

Warren Campbell Cove Continuity Advisors
Warren Campbell
Co-owner, Director
With Cove since 2015
Co-owner since 2018

Advisory Board

Cove Continuity Advisors’ Advisory Board is non-fiduciary and is comprised of respected individuals who Cove sees as exemplary business and thought leaders. The advisory board members have committed to lending their skills, guidance, and knowledge to Cove’s board with a focus on the areas of social and environmental responsibility and sustainability. Their objective input and advice helps Cove grow and achieve these vital goals. The advisory board provides current knowledge, critical thinking, and analysis to increase the confidence of the decision-makers who represent the company. Cove gratefully acknowledges the time and energy the advisory board members freely give.