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  • We are Environmentalists… Supporting the Health of Our Planet

The Cove Story

Welcome to Cove Continuity Advisors Inc. We are Bernie and Christie Geiss, husband and wife and co-owners of Cove. We’re quite proud of the community we’ve created—we’re an independent insurance brokerage agency, but we are so much more.

We live each day with a vision to reduce as much stress as possible for our clients, each other, and the earth.

As you read through our website, sure, you’ll find information about the products and services we offer, but you’ll also learn more about the type of company and the type of people we are. You’re investing in planning and insurance, yes, but you’re placing your trust in us—your financial trust, your trust for the future, and trust for the wellbeing of those you care most about. We don’t take that for granted. And to trust us, we believe you should know us. As Continuity Planners, we are leaders in our field, making planning the underpinning of everything we do. As an insurance brokerage agency, we provide products from all major Canadian insurers. We stand for good value (a balance of price + quality), but we also stand for good stewards, of both the earth (you’ll find more information on our dedication to environmental activism throughout this website) and to each other.

Cove really does care. About our clients. About our team. About our community. And about our planet. Learn more about the services we offer here, and contact us today to talk about how we can reduce stress in your life.

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