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1% For People

We created 1% For People to demonstrate our deep commitment to the importance of helping people reduce stress and find happiness. There are three aspects of developing true happiness: Virtue, Concentration, Discernment.

The first aspect of Virtue is grounded in generosity. By developing generosity through 1% For People, we help ourselves by helping others – build goodwill, compassion, empathy, and equanimity for those things that cause suffering that we can’t control.

We believe that the biggest impact we can have in changing lives in a positive way is through our business. We think all businesses should join in!

1% For People is a fund we set up that inspires us to give to individual charities or organizations through donations and sponsorships and bursaries.

Within our 1% For People initiative, we have identified three causes we directly support:

  • financial support of Theravada Buddhist Meditation teachers and practitioners
  • education about, and the support of, the practice of meditation and yoga
  • financial support of individuals from underrepresented groups within our community for education and food security

1% for People provides funding for individuals and organizations to promote self sufficiency, learning, and practices that lead to greater happiness and security on an individual and community basis.

Cove pledges to give away a minimum of 1% of sales each year to individuals and organizations to fulfil our objectives. We believe that 1% For People translates into 1% for Wisdom that benefits everyone and our environment.