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Space to Breathe

What is Space to Breathe?

Space to Breathe can mean different things to different people, but it typically has one common characteristic: it’s a positive experience. To us, it means being able to take time to make skillful decisions that lead to the best outcomes for us and all our stakeholders. It is our ethos to live, breathe, practice, and provide Space to Breathe for ourselves and each other.

Space to Breathe - Why Is Space to Breathe So Important

Why is Space to Breathe So Important?

Creating Space to Breathe is making time for yourself and giving greater control over your own life. It allows you to do the things that are most meaningful to you instead of making rushed decisions that lead to stress and regret. Space to Breathe allows you to find peace and harmony in your life.

Incorporating Space to Breathe in Our Business

When we say our intention is to build Space to Breathe into everything we do, it’s not just a tagline—it’s an ethos we live by. We want our workplace—the place we spend most of our waking lives at—to be a place we enjoy being in. Building Space to Breathe into our operations creates a healthy environment where we and our stakeholders feel valued. Taking time allows us to interact with each other, our clients, partners, and collaborators in a way that promotes goodwill and skillful choices.

Space to Breathe - Incorporating Space to Breathe in Our Business

Incorporating Space to Breathe in Our Daily Lives

We often feel pulled in different directions and feel we don’t have Space to Breathe at any time. Whether it’s accumulating assets, increasing responsibilities, or growing relationships, we can feel we have little time to attend to those things and the people we care about. Creating Space to Breathe leads to better decision-making in all areas of our life including our financial life. The outcome is living with less stress and a mindset that is focused on long-term welfare and happiness.

Learn How to Create Space to Breathe

Space to Breathe allows us to see in real-time the outcomes of our decisions and whether our decisions are leading to positive or negative outcomes. We encourage you to explore how you can create Space to Breathe in your life. Learn how Space to Breathe can be the basis of good decision-making by signing up for our six-part Space to Breathe email series.