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Healthcare Access Insurance

What is Healthcare Access Insurance?

Healthcare access insurance offers you world-class health coverage from around the world that’s quick and accessible – worry-free! If you’re a working professional that cannot afford to take weeks or months off from work due to a long treatment and recovery time in Canada, then healthcare access insurance can help ensure the continuity of care with the best and quickest health coverage around the world.

Cove International Health Insurance - What Are the Benefits

What are the Benefits of Healthcare Access Insurance?

With healthcare access insurance, you’re able to utilize the best doctors and hospitals around the world. Whether you’re looking for treatment that is specialized somewhere outside of Canada or need a procedure that can be done quicker abroad, healthcare access insurance can help cover your procedures and provide you Space to Breathe knowing you have access and coverage for best-in-class care from around the globe.

How Does Healthcare Access Insurance Work?

Premiums are paid depending on your plan. Once benefits are required, you can choose any doctor or hospital in the world, whether it’s for inpatient care, outpatient care, or medical evacuation.

Cove International Health Insurance - How Does it Work

Healthcare Access Insurance 101

What does healthcare access insurance cover?

Healthcare access insurance is insurance that facilitates and pays for the treatment of an illness or condition outside of Canada. For example, if you are diagnosed with cancer, you can elect to be treated by any of the top-rated hospitals in the United States. The policy pays the medical expenses for you, and travel expenses for you and a travel companion. They will also assist in identifying the appropriate care facility for your specific condition and make all necessary arrangements to ensure a worry-free trip.

Is healthcare access insurance the same as travel medical insurance?

Healthcare access insurance is different from travel medical insurance. Travel medical insurance only covers you while you are travelling outside of your province. Healthcare access insurance covers you 24/7 wherever you are and allows you to seek treatment outside of the country if you choose to do so. Healthcare access coverage has a deductible and covers all conditions. Travel medical insurance does not have a deductible and covers only those conditions which arise while travelling outside of your home province.

Does healthcare access insurance cover COVID-19?

Yes, it does cover COVID-19 when travelling abroad. However, it will not provide a benefit if COVID-19 is contracted in your home province as you will not be able to travel to any other jurisdiction for treatment due to travel restrictions related to COVID-19.