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Women’s Division

Cove Women's Division - Women Helping Women

Women Helping Women

Cove’s Women’s Division is a team of professional female advisors delivering financial and planning services to female entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and members of family enterprises in a way that makes them feel valued, heard, supported, and inspired. The Women’s Division aims to help female clients feel comfortable talking about and buying insurance, as well as build a network of strong, confident women who can find inspiration from each other.

Why a Women’s Division?

The Women’s Division sets to change the way insurance is viewed. We want to include women in the insurance-buying process and make them feel comfortable in purchasing insurance while understanding their particular needs and concerns. We want to be inclusive and approachable so that all Canadians can comfortably own and value insurance.

Cove Women's Division - Why a Women's Division

What the Women’s Division Offers

  • Life Benefits
  • Life Insurance
  • Impact Planning
  • Accounting
  • Financial Planning
  • Finance
  • Tax Advice and Assistance
  • Wills and Estates
  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Family Enterprise Advising
  • Business Coaching
  • Investment Management
  • Group Insurance

Workshops and Networking

Along with financial and planning services, the Women’s Division also hosts interactive workshops and networking opportunities for women in and around the Vancouver area, delivered by women. To receive updates on these workshops and networking events, sign up for our newsletter. If you are interested in being a presenter at our women-directed workshops, contact us here.