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The Seven Generation Plan

Cove Seven Generation Plan - The Big Flaw with the Insurance Industry

The Big Flaw with the Insurance Industry

What happens when the insurance advisor you’ve been working with retires or quits? You’re left with an insurance plan with no advisor support—or if you’re lucky, they sell off their book of clients to a different advisor or agency, leaving you with support from someone you don’t know. There are no standards in the insurance industry that requires advisors to have an exit plan with their clients once they leave their business, which results in uncertainty for you and your future.

Why We’re Different

Given the long-term nature of insurance, it’s vital that the continuity of your wealth and assets is handled with trust, care, and respect. At Cove, we have developed the Seven Generation Plan so that your best interests are always prioritized. Having a plan where we build seven generations of continuity into our business means the quality of service and support you receive from Cove remains consistent from generation to generation.

Cove Seven Generation Plan - Why We're Different

Working with a Seven-Gen Business

Our decisions focus on sustainability for all stakeholders. We use sound principles and methodologies to weigh the near- and long-term impacts of insurance on you and our business. In the same way we are committed to planning our continuity, we provide the expertise and knowledge to walk you through your continuity plan. If you’re looking for sustainability in all aspects of your insurance, you can trust our team to deliver.