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You’re a high income earner, and you’ve set a course for yourself and your family to be self-sufficient. The more training you have, the less time you have to build your net worth. You want to reach that goal of self-sufficiency as quickly as possible, making as few mistakes as possible. Your biggest asset is your ability to earn income, and you don’t want to lose it. Your goals and dreams would take a significant hit if you became disabled, got critically ill, or died during your working years.

We can help protect you and your family from financial loss due to disability, illness, or death by providing the following insurance services:

  • Life Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Disability Insurance Management
    • Disability income insurance
    • Disability business overhead insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance Gap Analysis
    • Income earner
    • Spouse
    • Children
  • Estate Planning
    • Wills
    • Power of attorneys
    • Representation Agreements for Healthcare
  • Income and Asset Modelling
    • Retirement planning
    • Tax planning
    • Debt management
    • Tax liability calculator
  • Advisor Team Coordination
  • Ongoing Planning Resources
We can help backstop your plans for self-sufficiency.