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Insurance Planning

We Love to Plan

When the going gets tough, having a Plan B (or even Plan C) can help ease off a bit of stress. Planning is in our DNA, as we have decades of experience helping others formulate a plan that addresses their financial needs. Whether it’s improving cash flow and net worth for your business or managing your affairs, such as your estate, taxes, and assets, we can create a plan for you.

Cove Insurance Planning - Using the Right Way Path

Using the Right Way Path

We properly assess and evaluate each of our clients’ desires, needs, and expectations by using a methodical and well-documented approach called the Right Way Path. Through this approach, we determine the suitability of product solutions and develop and implement a continuity plan that fits you and your values.


Types of Insurance Planning Services

Tax Planning

We can analyze your existing tax planning and provide a second opinion. We can determine if you are taking full advantage of the tax structure and recommend ways to improve your plan. We will work with you and your advisors to get the appropriate changes made or recommend top-tier advisors who can implement the changes for you.

Estate Planning

We can review your existing plan or develop a new one from scratch. Effective estate planning starts with a good will that does what you want and covers contingencies you haven’t thought of. Good estate planning also uses trusts, holding companies, and insurance. With the right combination of tools, we can build a plan and help you understand how they work together, both during your life and after your death.

Business Continuity Planning

If you own a business and have partners or co-shareholders, you probably have some idea about what you want to happen in the event that one of you dies, becomes disabled, or gets a critical illness. But do you have it written down? And does everyone have the same expectations? The unthinkable can happen, and if it does, it’s good to have a proper plan or agreement in place. With our help, we can formulate a robust agreement for you and your business partners.

Family Enterprise Planning

It’s one thing to be parents, siblings, and kids within the same household. It’s a whole other story when you are all together in a family business. Being in business with other family member means all the relationship dynamics get magnified. As a family enterprise ourselves, we understand the complex dynamics that run in such a business, and we have the expertise to explore this with you.