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Manulife Vitality welcomes Orangetheory® Fitness!

Interested in a program that gives you incredible value and motivates you to live healthier, just for having insurance? Manulife Vitality is the program for you and it’s available with all of Manulife’s Term and Universal Life products.

With Vitality, you can earn up to 15% off your insurance premiums annually, as well as rewards from partners like Amazon, Hello Fresh, and Expedia. Additionally, you get discounts on Fitbit and Garmin devices and can get an Apple Watch for as little as $0. All this plus the ability to win gifts cards from popular brands on a weekly basis just for being healthy.

And now, Manulife Vitality has welcomed Orangetheory® Fitness as a new partner to the program! All Manulife Vitality members will now benefit from the following discounted rates at Orangetheory® Fitness studios across Canada:

New Orangetheory® Fitness members trial offer:

3 weeks unlimited access for just $75.

New or existing Orangetheory® Fitness members:

Elite membership offer: $119/month (includes 8 classes/month with the option to purchase additional classes at a reduced rate). That’s a savings of up to $40/month compared to regular pricing!

Premier membership offer: $159/month for unlimited monthly classes. That’s a savings of up to $60/month compared to regular pricing!

The opportunities are all around! In fact, your habits may already be healthier than you think. From regular visits to the doctor and dentist, to choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, every little move you make adds up. And Manulife Vitality helps you keep score and earn rewards.

If you have questions, thoughts, or want to talk more about Manulife Vitality products with one of our advisors, please feel free to book a meeting with us at any time.


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