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Alex Liber, Continuity Planner

Alex Liber Cove Continuity AdvisorsEmail:

Phone: (778) 655-9851



Alex works as a Continuity Planner for Cove. Alex provides planning support, assists on case analysis (working closely with Warren and Bernie), and provides support to Cove’s growing NextGen advisor team.

Alex’s unique abilities are researching, gathering and organizing information, developing solutions, and providing options. He finds satisfaction in creating structure from chaos—he loves planning and analyzing details to determine the best approach. At Cove, Alex applies these abilities by providing support and planning to other team members.

Before coming to Cove, Alex spent a decade working for the Government of Alberta in various roles, including Correctional Officer and Probation Officer. During this time, Alex became proficient with interviewing, risk assessment/analysis, and case planning. One summer, while visiting Christie and Bernie (his wife’s aunt and uncle), he developed an interest in the insurance industry. He fell in love with North Vancouver and the idea of having greater control over his career and success. After completing his Kolbe A Index, it became clear that Cove would provide a great opportunity to apply his skills, recognize his strengths, and join a team with shared values, beliefs, and goals.

Alex, his wife Shanna, and their dog Piper enjoy everything the North Shore has to offer, including trail running, mountain biking, hiking, and snowboarding, as well as CrossFit.


Kolbe 9722 Alex LiberAccording to Kolbe A Index: You are excellent in situations that require strategic organization of information. You set priorities and put them into appropriate sequences. Your talent with both strategies and tactics makes you essential to any massive effort.