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Shanna Liber, Associate Advisor

Shanna Liber Cove Continuity Advisors Email:

Phone: (778) 655-9850



Shanna works as an Associate Advisor for Cove, bringing with her over a decade of work experience with the Government of Alberta in the field of Community Corrections—six of those years in a leadership capacity, providing direction, guidance, and supervision to numerous employees. Shanna enjoys working with people of all personalities and backgrounds, and she has the ability to strategically and confidently explore options and make decisions. Shanna is always eager to help clients find the right solution to their Life, Critical Illness, and Disability Insurance needs.

Shanna’s unique ability is working collaboratively with people and inspiring them to set and reach goals for themselves. Health and wellness are extremely important to Shanna, and people within her influence often seek her support and guidance.

Although Shanna was successful in her previous roles, her interest in the insurance industry and her desire to work as part of a family enterprise prompted her to relocate and join Cove. Bernie and Christie (Shanna’s aunt and uncle) supported this opportunity wholeheartedly. She is enthusiastic to be involved in Cove’s Women’s Division and hopes to bring more diversity to the insurance industry through the Women’s Division.

Shanna, her husband Alex (who has also joined Cove!), and their pup Piper are proud residents of North Vancouver. They can be found on the trails of the North Shore—hiking, mountain biking, and running—or enjoying weightlifting and CrossFit at their local box.


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